Stuff We Gotta Have! The Coleman Quad Lantern

12/20/2010 | Plan

View a larger version of this video here The Coleman LED Quad Lantern separates into 4 smaller units that are easily rechargeable. Nike did it for shoes. Starbucks did it for coffee. Facebook did it for sharing information. Each has taken something old school—and revolutionized the way we think of it. They’re the names we […]

Stuff You Gotta Have: Great Coffee

12/19/2010 | Plan

The percolator: classic coffee goodness! If you’ve read this month’s article about the things that campers won’t leave home without, you know the number one response from our Facebook fans was this: coffee. And they’re pretty darned specific about the way they want to make it. The Perks of Coffee Some, like Michael Lundy, go […]


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Top Camping Must Haves

12/19/2010 | Plan

What do KOA campers love about their outdoor adventures? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day lives, having a chance to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine and doing things a little out of the ordinary, like hanging out at the pool, jumping on huge pillows or just laughing with other campers. […]

Top 10 Camping Movies To Watch

12/19/2010 | Plan

Night at the movies, KOA kamper style! If you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to say you love camping. After all, who wouldn’t love spending time outdoors, getting lots of fresh air and having some good, old-fashioned fun? But since most of us can’t spend every day—or even every weekend—at our favorite KOA campground, […]

Dutch Oven Raspberry Brownies Recipe

12/19/2010 | Cook

“We call them San Rafael Brownies because that is where we were camping when we first made them,” she says. “ It is super easy, as long as you know how to cook with a Dutch oven. We hope that you love them as much as we do!”At KOA, we believe in the adage “Life’s […]

How To Make Tortilla Pizzas

12/19/2010 | Cook

You’re gonna love this delicious recipe from Becky Dolan from Washougal, Washington