2-Wheel Adventures: Rules of the Road

7/19/2011 | Plan

We all know safety is an extremely important part of motorcycle riding, but just because you know how to ride safely doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in compliance with all the actual rules. While you probably have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed on your home turf, if you’re headed out on a trip, don’t […]


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2-Wheel Adventures: Planning Your Route

7/19/2011 | Plan

The following websites can help you find great motorcycle routes and are a very handy resource for new motorcycle campers: • motorcycleroads.com • motorcycleroads.us • openroadjourney.com Once you decide where you’re heading, it is a good idea to contact the local chapters of your Riding Association, such as Harley Owners Group, Gold Wings (GWRRA), Yamaha Star, Vulcan Riders and Owners Club […]


Chicago, IL

7/19/2011 | Activities

The Windy Cindy is home to astounding architecture, fantastic restaurants, dazzling culture and of course more than a few professional sports franchises. It’s also close to a lot of great things to do and see-all a tank of gas or less away. Whether you want to get out or chill out, there’s no shortage of […]


2-Wheel Adventures: Before You Leave

7/19/2011 | Plan

• Do a thorough check-over of your motorcycle for its road-worthiness: tires in good condition and good pressure, chain adjusted and lubed, fluids – clutch, front and back brake reservoirs, antifreeze all topped up, oil and filter changed (for long trips), gauges, lights and indicators working, etc. See the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Pre-Ride Inspection sheet for the […]


Denver, CO

7/17/2011 | Activities

The Mile High City has plenty to offer, from major sporting events to incredible recreational opportunities. When you’re feeling adventurous and it’s time to explore the rest of Colorado and the surrounding area, we have natural and manmade wonders you can reach in one tank of gas. Whether you’re packing dress shoes or hiking boots, […]


Dallas, TX

7/16/2011 | Activities

If you could use only one word to describe Dallas, that word would be “big.” Big buildings, big personalities, and big fun. Fortunately, that fun isn’t confined to the city limits. When the time comes to take a vacation from the city, look no further than your own backyard. Venture out from the city in […]