Get the Kids Involved in Trip Planning!

4/30/2015 | Plan

Trying to plan the perfect camping adventure for your family? Find out what the kids think.

Favorite Itineraries for Two Wheels

4/30/2015 | Plan

Are you a biker looking for sweepers, switchbacks and majestic mountain views? This is your itinerary.

Exploring the Outdoors: The South

4/30/2015 | Activities

See scenic forests, mountain trails and crystal-clear rivers with mammoth mammals on your next camping adventure.

Peace & Serenity in the Grand Canyon

4/30/2015 | Activities

Our resident travel expert and lover of all things great outdoors, Chris Epting, shares his tips for finding some peace and quiet at one of America’s most popular outdoor destinations.


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The Most Breathtaking Drive? There’s only 1!

4/30/2015 | Activities

As far as scenic drives go, Highway 1 on the California coast has few rivals. Check out one camper’s experience with this legendary highway.

These are some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in America

4/27/2015 | Activities

America is one of the most diverse ecological countries in the world. From deserts and mountains to forests and scrubland, a nature lover can hike in a wide range of different landscapes without ever leaving the country. It’s remarkable just how diverse America is, so much so that listing out the most breathtaking hiking trails in […]