What We All Want for Father’s Day

5/28/2015 | Plan

Sometimes, all Dad wants is quality time with the ones he cares about. Chris Epting shares his tale of camping and the father/son bond.

The most challenging hiking trails in America

5/27/2015 | Activities

There comes a point in every passionate hiker’s life when they want to pit their skills against very challenging trails. There’s just something about conquering hiking trails that other hikers dare not set foot on that really gets the adrenaline pumping. Conquering the most challenging hiking trails in America takes dedication, training, courage, and endurance. […]

Easy Camping Meals for Families | Easy Weekend Camping Menu

5/25/2015 | Cook

Our easy grab and go family camping meal plan uses a lot of time saving ingredients like take and bake pizza to make your next spontaneous camping trip easy!


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Grilled Corn on the Cob

5/25/2015 | Cook

This summer classic is made even better over the campfire or grill

No Mess, No Fuss Pancakes

5/25/2015 | Cook

 Ingredients pancake mix egg milk or water jam or fresh fruit Take 1 large zip-lock baggie. Place all ingredients, (pancake mix, egg, milk or water) add jam or fresh fruit, in baggie. Squeeze out some of the air, then seal baggie. Kneed baggie gently until all ingredients are mixed, then pour out onto griddle. When […]

More S’mores Please!

5/25/2015 | Cook

A list of our favorite s’more recipes, check it out!