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How to Hike Without Leaving a Trace

8/13/2012 | Activities

Many of North America’s most beautiful destinations can only be reached on your own two feet. Here’s how to make sure the impression from these gorgeous surroundings is made on you — not the other way around. 1. Plan ahead and prepare. Know the type of terrain and possible weather conditions you might encounter. Minimize […]

RV Tips: Traveling With Pets

8/13/2012 | RV Advice

One of the greatest advantages of traveling by RV is that there’s plenty of room to bring your pets along with you. Here’s are some important reminders from KOA’s resident RV expert, Mark Polk, on how to keep them happy and healthy during your trip. Happy RV learning, Mark J. Polk For more information on […]


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Fireworks on the Frontier

7/24/2012 | Activities

A town of about seventy people on the edge of South Dakota’s Badlands showed us how to celebrate America’s two hundred and thirty-sixth birthday. What my husband and I discovered there — after our 1,700-mile road trip from NYC — was a sense of community as American as apple pie and as refreshing as the […]

A Long List of Surprises

7/24/2012 | Plan

I’d seen that sign a million times as a kid — traversing the country on family road trips. The KOA red and yellow teepee. But we’d never stopped there; we weren’t what you’d call a “camping family.” In fact, I don’t think I ever even knew what camping was until I met my future wife, […]

KOA as a Hop, Skip and a Jump

7/9/2012 | Activities

The mail pickup for the day included a gentle reminder from KOA that it was time, once again, to renew my Value Kard membership. I jumped online and a few quick clicks later it was done. This reminder was just the excuse I needed for a “KOA Quick Trip.” A KOA Quick Trip is when […]

The Perfect Fuel for a Motorcycle Adventure

7/9/2012 | Activities

Non-campers often have the misperception that camping is complicated and time consuming. But I’ve found on my motorcycle adventures that it takes less time to simply pull your bike up to your KOA site and unpack than to lug your suitcases into a hotel. Today’s tents are lightweight and go up in a jiffy — […]