Fall Road Trip Through California’s Gold Country

10/7/2015 | Activities

By Chris Epting, KOA Travel Correspondent No trip to California is complete without exploring the classic gold country located not far from Sacramento along historic Highway 49, named in honor of that famous year when the first rush of people flocked to California in search of those famous yellow flakes discovered in the stream by […]

Make the Most of that Great Camera in Your Pocket

10/1/2015 | Activities

By Mike Gast, Vice President of Communication at KOA The advent of the smartphone has made everyone a photographer. Just watch the behaviors at your next family event. Nearly everyone will be staring into the backs of their phones, snapping away. But, just because you have a smartphone capable of taking good photos doesn’t mean […]

Fall Cabin Camping | Extend Your Camping Season

10/1/2015 | Plan

Extend your camping season with cozy Deluxe Cabins this fall. Celebrate the season with family-friendly activities & events. Learn more here!


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Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

10/1/2015 | Cook

Put this easy casserole together the night before and wake up to a delicious smelling house and an even more delicious breakfast!

How to get a good night of sleep while camping

9/22/2015 | Plan

The mosquitos are biting, the ground is hard, and the heat just won’t quit. Sound familiar? Many a camper has spent sleepless nights tossing and turning under the moon instead of catching the Z’s they need for the next day’s adventure. But with these camping essentials, you’ll sleep like a dream! Sleeping pads Rick McCharles […]

These delicious campfire recipes will start your day off right

9/22/2015 | Cook

Some say it’s the most important meal of the day; some just like reuniting with food after spending eight whole hours without it.  Whatever reason you have for loving breakfast, we’re behind it. If a campfire is all you’re working with, don’t worry: we’ve got three recipes for tasty breakfasts that can be cooked right […]