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Camping Recipe: Herby Salsa Verde

8/14/2013 | Cook

This is a wonderful sauce for grilled chicken or seafood. Feel free to experiment with different herbs.

Camping Bingo

8/12/2013 | Activities

Our fun take on the family classic

Tips for Getting Good Phone Photos in the Great Outdoors

7/8/2013 | KOA

You finally did it. You bought that smartphone you’ve been coveting for months. Whether it’s an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy S4 or the latest Nokia you hold in your hand, true geeks will tell you it’s not really a phone . . . it’s really a full-fledged computer capable of running an internet browser, […]

Herkimer Diamond KOA’s Astronomy Deluxe Cabin Sparkles

7/8/2013 | Plan

The Herkimer Diamond KOA in Herkimer, NY continues to lead the way in a LOT of ways for Kampgrounds of America. A few years ago, the former KOA Campground of the Year was the first to unveil KOA’s first Eco-Deluxe Cabins — full-service Cabins complete with kitchens and bathrooms, but completely “off the grid.” Now, […]


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The BioLite CampStove™ Warms Our Hearts

7/8/2013 | Cook

By Mike Gast Campfires have been around for — well — forever. So, it would stand to reason that, in the past two million years, man has pretty much figured out every possible way to adapt a wood-fired open flame. From that first cave dweller who figured out how to contain her fire with a […]

Stop Wasting Your Grill on Just Meat, Fire Up The Fruit!

7/8/2013 | Cook

It’s only July. But if you’re a grilling enthusiast with a big, silver triple burner out back, you’ve likely already put the char to every kind of animal protein you can find. So, what’s left to grill? Here’s a novel thought: head for the nearest produce stand and pick out some nice, ripe fruit. Just […]