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New RV? This Is One Trip You Have to Take

2/7/2012 | RV Advice

Meet RV expert Mark Polk. The first trip in your new RV can be one of your most important. You just bought an RV, now what? You researched it, found a dealer, ordered it, waited for it and the big day finally arrived; the day you get to bring your new RV home. The excitement […]

Discovering North America

1/17/2012 | Activities

  Men (and we fathers in particular), seem to have a genetic predisposition toward signs such as these. But many women are also known to be under the spell. Sometimes our vehicles actually seem to veer toward exits on their own. “Must stop!” demands our DNA.You’re in the midst of a perfectly planned road trip […]

Here We Grow Again – Introducing New KOAs

1/17/2012 | Plan

  As the largest campground system in the U.S. and Canada, we are always looking for prime spots for new campgrounds—and we love to welcome existing campgrounds into our KOA family. Whether it’s a destination campground or one along the way to other attractions, we focus on finding places with many fun things for our […]

RV 101: Buying a Used RV

1/17/2012 | RV Advice

With the current state of our economy it seems there is resurgence in used RV sales. In many situations it just makes sense to buy used rather than new, for example: – you only plan to use an RV a few weeks out of the year. – you want to finance a lower dollar amount […]


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Campground Romance

12/28/2011 | Activities

  It was 1969, the year Joe Namath led the Jets to an upset victory over the Baltimore Colts in Superbowl III, The Godfather was published and Led Zeppelin released their first studio album. And for Rainer Mueller, it was the year he decided to head out to Yellowstone National Park for some camping. “While […]

Campfire Cooking Secrets from a Girl Scout Leader

12/28/2011 | Cook

  Hey—we all know that campfire cooking isn’t easy; in fact, it can be downright tough. Who hasn’t tried to roast a hot dog only to have it come out charred on one side and raw on the other? Or attempted to get a perfect golden glow on a marshmallow, only to have it burst […]