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KOA Cabins: Your Home Away from Home

4/3/2012 | Plan

Imagine your next getaway in a cabin under the stars. The perfect place to come home to after a day of campground fun. Deluxe Cabins offer everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing escape. Everything you need, all in one place.Are you a tent camper who wants a weekend away, but you’re a little […]

Cooking Ladies: Recycle, Recover, Reuse at Ropas

4/3/2012 | Cook

Delicious Slow-Cooker Pork & Kraut makes a delicious, one-pot meal. We discovered Ropas recently in south Texas. Leftover used clothing is purchased from charitable organizations and churches all over the USA and Canada, shipped to warehouses in the southern United States and sorted, baled and transported to all parts of the world. These warehouses are […]

Discovering North America: Let’s Go To the Movies

3/5/2012 | Plan

Watching the 2012 Academy awards, I got to thinking about how much fun it is to track down movie locations when on a road trip. I think there is something so interesting about visiting the exact place where a favorite film scene was shot. All of a sudden, the movie seems to come alive as […]

Cooking Ladies: Ginger Treats and Yard Art

3/5/2012 | Cook

At the Visitor’s Center in Kosciusko, Mississippi, we asked what we “must see.” We were directed to Oprah Winfrey Road, the church that Oprah attended as a little girl, and to L.V. Hull, an artist. A leaflet described L.V. Hull’s Ethnic Yard Art as an unusual sight. We parked in front of L.V. Hull’s tiny […]


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Compatible Travel Trailer + Right Family = Perfect Match

3/5/2012 | RV Advice

Finding a perfect match can be tricky. This applies to relationships as well as shopping for a travel trailer. During my days as an RV sales manager I witnessed what I refer to as good matches and poor matches between new owners and the travel trailers they purchased. There are lots of things to consider […]

Quick Camper Apple Salad

2/12/2012 | Cook

The Cooking Ladies, Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, are freelance writers, food and travel bloggers, restaurant consultants, cookbook authors, event speakers, and passionate RVers.  For 20 years, Phyllis and Lamont were successful restaurant owners. After the sudden, unexpected death of a young business partner, they sold their catering business, their houses, and almost all of […]