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Tips from RV Trader

If You Are Interested in Buying an RV:

  • Do Your Research! Determine your budget, what you want to use the RV for, and how often. Research the types of RVs available, as well as different manufacturers.
  • Browse a large selection of RVs online to narrow down what interests you most. You can easily conduct your research AND find RV’s for your sale in your area by visiting www.RVTrader.com.
  • Email dealers or private sellers in your area that have RV’s for sale that match your buying criteria.
  • After gathering the information from the sellers, select the top 3 or 4 RV’s that you are interested in, and physically visit the dealer or private seller to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. This is a good time to try and negotiate a lower price, if interested.
  • Review your buying criteria, RV’s for sale in your area, your budget, price, and anything else critical to your buying decision. Research financing options if needed. Determine the RV that best suits your needs – and happy camping!

Discounts from RV Trader

KOA members can place their RV for sale on our site for FREE using the code found online (a savings of $19.95!) RV Trader.com is the #1 RV Classifieds site, with over 90,000 RV’s for sale and two million visitors every month. Can’t find your dream RV? Visit www.rvtrader.com. Need to sell your RV, upgrade or downgrade? Visit www.rvtrader.com/sell.

If You Are Interested in Selling Your RV:

  • Do Your Research! Again, research is important whether you are buying or selling. Look up other RV’s for sale on RVTrader.com and what the average selling price is on similar units, so you can list a selling price that is competitive with others in your market. Place an ad online with RV Trader by using the free VKR membership discount provided by KOA.
  • When you place your RV for sale, be sure to provide a thorough description of your unit, including year, make, model, amenities, slide-outs, price and other defining features.
  • Be sure to also include multiple photos of the inside and outside of your RV. Include as many photos as possible!
  • If you have video capabilities, do a quick walk-thru of your RV on your video phone or flip camera to post online. Videos can really help showcase a unit to a potential buyer.
  • Be sure to follow up with any and all leads you receive. You never know who might just be the future owner. Be kind and courteous, and if you negotiate the right price, you’ll be selling your RV in no time!

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