Watch CBS's hit reality show Undercover Boss
When KOA's Chairman and CEO Became the Undercover Boss

Get the inside look at KOA when our own Chairman and CEO, Jim Rogers, became the "Undercover Boss".

See what happened when KOA's Chairman and CEO Jim Rogers hid his identity and went undercover on the hit series Undercover Boss.

Get the inside scoop and watch the trailer and scenes of the episode.

Check out Jim Rogers on Undercover Boss Check out Jim Rogers on Undercover Boss Check out Jim Rogers on Undercover Boss

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Stockton Delta, California KOA

KOA CEO Jim Rogers spends the day with the store manager at the Stockton Delta KOA. He stocks the store, rents boats and tours the beautiful Delta River region of California, which runs right through the campground.

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Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay, California KOA

At this stop, Rogers works with Paul Barrouk, one of KOA's 1,500 Work Kampers. Paul shows Jim his brand of extreme customer service as they care for this jewel of a campground that clings to the California coast just south of the San Francisco Bay area.

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Ventura Ranch, California KOA

This new and very unique KOA is where Rogers gets a full dose of the housekeeping lifestyle, cleaning one of the KOA's many deluxe cabins before taking a wild ride down one of the park's zip lines.

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Williams/Circle Pines, Arizona KOA

This is the only stop of the show that featured Rogers working with actual KOA owners. It's the only location where he was allowed to operate heavy machinery. This KOA, just south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, has become a favorite home base for vacationers from throughout the world.

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